Brand new ideas…

Just another day where service gets lost in the mix

Part of my ongoing exploration towards crunching down branding concepts and other such things associated with the creative industry…

Personally I always dreamt of creating a comic book about something naturally twisted like zombies or psycho killers etc… Probably a whole lot easier heh. But yep this is probably more appropriate use of my time, let’s see.

I’m putting it out there.. So I’m gonna have to put my head down and arse up and actually do it. A bit pre-emptive i’ll admit, but I’m sure I’ll have many people to thank along the way for sharing their ideas and experiences i.e. the lads and lasses at DM IDHolland… Heck you may even be one of them. So yep, keep’em flowin I tellz ya.

FYI Investors are more than welcome to participate 😉

Keep posted for more yeh.

Cheers enjoy !

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