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Boring your audience to death ?

If you are thinking of making a killer presentation, make sure it doesn’t kill them through boredom. I’m sure all of of us at one time or other have either seen or done the PowerPoint yawn. There are some fairly easy steps to make sure your not responsible for this occurrence.

Some tips:

Use graphics. Lots of them. Don’t fill out the screen with loads of mind boggling text. Nobody is going to read it. Unless they’re part of the over eager club.

Don’r reveal your notes. Why would you want to destroy the only advantage of surprising or exciting your audience by revealing your notes. Not very logical indeed.

Simplify. Tease your audience through simplification. Use full-screen imagery and apply simple keynote explanations verbally. Complex ideas can be de-constructed and made easy.

Keep it flowing. It’s recommended to keep things flowing. Try never to spend more than a minute on any given slide. Keep the audience attentive by keeping the slides fresh.

Prepare. Preparation makes these simple steps feasible. The deletion of key-points and or notes will likely make your presentation a lot more free flowing and interesting. Unbound by your own shackles

Time for talk. The best part of any presentation is being able to discuss face to face with your audience.. They love to ask questions. Allow time for that and you will leave realising you probably covered more subjects and ideas you may have missed in the actual presentation. Also tends to get you re-invited.


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