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Red Nightmare

Red Nightmare 

This video version pretty much speaks for the tune I composed yeaarrrss ago when I was learning the basics of Fruity Loops. Watch it or doom on you. Probably one of the best Soviet propaganda flicks I’ve come across.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my music creation.


Video source I regret to say was supplied unofficially from some collection off Youtube…
Final Video Edit and Music composition by me

Red Nightmare

It’s a Nightmare

I wrote this tune a long long time ago, probably more than ten years now while learning a little about Fruity Loops. This is the second video version of ‘Red Nightmare’.

This particular video version depicts my view towards the folly of mankind and it’s inevitable doom, be it a self inflicted demise or part of an external event/s.

Over the years I’ve formed the opinion that Fruity Loops is one of the best music software’s around, built for those mastering music productions and for those who see it as a simple tool to explore ones hobby, such as myself. Like most things, the program has advanced considerably over the years, becoming a bloody powerful music application, for the most part its interface is easy enough to grasp, but yep, I probably only use about 10% of its awesome features. People go on about which one is best and all that jazz, they all do the same, just different methodologies. Some have different functionalities but essentially they use the same sythns and generators and all that shike. I used to love Reason, had a go at Ableton, all awesome stuff no doubt. But Fruity is just plain simpler to comprehend… and to use.

Anyway’s I’ll no doubt throw some more of my stuff up soon. Thanks to youtube and all respective footage owners, I can put visual to sound in no time!

Video sources I regret to say was supplied unofficially off Youtube somewhere..…
Final Video Edit and Music composition by me


Jammin on me trusty old axe

Been meaning to chop something up so as to show off one of my recent guitar jams.. Using RiffWorks T4 and my trusty GX Line 6 usb thingo… In celebration of BSGs awesome work I figured this awesome compilation of clips could compliment my riffing.. hope nobody minds.  Nowhere near does this tune reflect Bear Mccreary’s awesomeness, but yep thought I’d give it a go.. enjoy.

Video source I regret to say was supplied unofficially by BSG…
Final Video Edit and Music composition by me

The March…

Putting vision to music – Red Nightmare

Just threw up some riffs I thought expressed North Korea and all the foolery that goes along with it. Hope you enjoy. The musics mine… But the vid ain’t…Check out my other stuff while your at it ( Or visit ( to listen to a wider collection of my stuffs. Of course you could just use the side bar widget to peruse some of my random sound and music creations.

Video source supplied unofficially by some other company… I forget who.
Final Video Edit and Music composition by me

Macca’s Re-branding


How Aussies do it down under

The 72 year old franchise known officially as McDonald’s has often been colloquially nicknamed with varying titles across the globe. Commonly referred affectionately as ‘The Golden Arches, Makku , The Big M , Ronnie Mac’s Steakhouse, McD’s, Mickey D’s and the likes. Never has McDonald’s officially succumbed to the democracy of localised vernacular to brandish their signage with monikers, until now.

What marks this occasion as unique is that like many super brands McDonald’s has become well known for its sometime overzealous nature of attempting to protect its trademark. Usually targeting companies that are perceived to be infringing on the chains globally recognised identity. But for a very short period of time, it seems McD’s legal team is taking a breather allowing Australia to play around with the name, adding an Aussie spin.

For those who haven’t had much to do with ‘Aussies’. The Australian version of the English language is far from normal, for some it’s even a little bizarre, we Australians certainly have our quirks, we tend to shorten words and add an Aussie spin to it, perhaps it’s simply laziness, or part of our seemingly down to earth nature and perhaps our need to familiarise things with a sense of mate ship  For example the name David becomes ‘Davo’, breakfast becomes ‘breakie’, service station becomes ‘servo’. We do it for practically everything. It’s just the Aussie way… Some people may even go as far as saying it’s not really Australian slang since it’s just the way we talk.

And so from January the 8th through to the 4th of February in celebration of Australia Day, the international fast food giant will cash in on re-branding 13 selected venues using localised vernacular to call McDonald’s “Macca’s”. The campaign includes a whole series of adjustments to brand application including store signage, menus, digital advertising and other such costly external advertising mediums.

“We’ve been a part of Australia for over 40 years now and we’re incredibly proud to embrace our ‘Australian-only’ nickname,” commented Mark Lollback, chief marketing officer for McDonald’s Australia. “What better way to show Aussies how proud we are to be a part of the Australian community than by changing our store signs to the name the community has given us?”

Considering the costly nature of running a non permanent campaign such as this, one might ponder why McDonald’s Australia didn’t just invest or promote their already existing McOz burger further, which has already been on their standard menu for quite some time. Not forgetting they have for years incorporated the term ‘Macca’s’ into past advertising media campaigns as voice over’s and the likes, frankly I’d be interested if this campaign even batters an eyelid for most Australians. Having asked a few people myself as to what they thought about this event, generally their response was positive, however most people hadn’t even registered the fact that this campaign was even under way.

Part of McDonald’s justification for branding the chain officially during such a short period comes with knowing that a large portion of the Australian community associates McDonald’s as Macca’s (according to an AFP report their marketing research activities determined that over 55% of Australians refer McDonald’s as Macca’s) and frankly what better time to exploit that realisation during the Australia day celebrations. Whether the campaign is a success or not, seems so far the buzz surrounding this campaign has got us all talking, achieving high impact brand exposure, even if it is short term.

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