Red Nightmare

It’s a Nightmare

I wrote this tune a long long time ago, probably more than ten years now while learning a little about Fruity Loops. This is the second video version of ‘Red Nightmare’.

This particular video version depicts my view towards the folly of mankind and it’s inevitable doom, be it a self inflicted demise or part of an external event/s.

Over the years I’ve formed the opinion that Fruity Loops is one of the best music software’s around, built for those mastering music productions and for those who see it as a simple tool to explore ones hobby, such as myself. Like most things, the program has advanced considerably over the years, becoming a bloody powerful music application, for the most part its interface is easy enough to grasp, but yep, I probably only use about 10% of its awesome features. People go on about which one is best and all that jazz, they all do the same, just different methodologies. Some have different functionalities but essentially they use the same sythns and generators and all that shike. I used to love Reason, had a go at Ableton, all awesome stuff no doubt. But Fruity is just plain simpler to comprehend… and to use.

Anyway’s I’ll no doubt throw some more of my stuff up soon. Thanks to youtube and all respective footage owners, I can put visual to sound in no time!

Video sources I regret to say was supplied unofficially off Youtube somewhere..…
Final Video Edit and Music composition by me

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