Poetry from way back when…

The Wicked Foul Fellow

Take yeh body of the

wicked foul fellow

who is reeking with a stale hollow tang

that is he who is accursed

cast it, in a log of a iron

into a sea of red

in a river so deep

in a pit so dark

that it drown to be sunk

to be lost

in a murky depth


Let the devil carry him to his place!

Yeh body that be accursed

it is, mostly truly dread

then there will be no need for us

or that of any man indeed

ever to fear again


“Hail of king the that be hung

say sang nor shift in any way

nor his body in the foul wind it sway

never more he come up

he be until the day of doom

speedily we pray

for evil is soon”


He will kill with accursed stench

below with stinking dismay

buried in hell of devil burn

out of earth he has jumped

even in death he not lay,

for he is cruelest darkest evil

what quick death you would pray.


Oh hail of yeah of hollow foul being

darkness of blood

fall from them they bleed

accursed blackened

soul you hath

come oh father and make me reek

of evil doth hath

with pleasure they seek

we be one

in deaths decree

with two with sword

we sweep with glee


“Come forth sleepless brothers

who lay in mold under beams untold

awake and come

and walk with our father

not in obeisance but in

unison as one.


Retched are we

who art thou to know

we are accursed and

blessed in sinew

of blood and marrow

strewn flesh and warm spew

we rejoice in pain

carnage of youth

we be righteous

and uncouth

bug eyed bodies

evil rugous

swaying in

unison we stroll

in filth but in truth

your time is up

your life is crushed.

Come now children

we will behead in lust.

m-jayz 10/1/96

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