Dodgy Practices Part 2

Def one of the funniest… The story about the Fat people is awesome.


dodgy-practices-part-2Welcome to the Fifth episode of MoshPod

In this Episode: Find out all you wanted to know about fat people and what Governor thinks should be done with them. Listen to how John D. Rockefeller became the richest man that has ever existed, what the big pharmaceutical companies are trying to hide from everyone, including the doctors who prescribe their drugs to us. Hear some sadistic antics perpetrated against African scammers to exact “revenge”. Hear a tale of a genius and his discoveries being turned into some of the most evil weapons ever used in warfare in our bonus pod.

Pods from This American Life, Ted Talks and A History of Oil. Bonus Pod from Radiolab. Hosted by the one and (thankfully) only, Governor.

Enjoy the show and let us know what you think, we encourage discussion and dissention so let us have it on the website or facebook! Thanks again…

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What’s more dangerous, Marijuana or Alcohol?

Nice article.. Not so ignant.


Hi Moshpodders, We’re trying and do more blog posts on great pods for more suggested listening between our shows. Just a link where you can download or listen, some brief thoughts and a place to share discussion.

If Marijuana and Alcohol were both just discovered tomorrow, which ones would be legal?

This was the question we posed in our podcast, “Dodgy Practices P1” (, released 9th April 2014.

This is taken up in earnest by the Freakanomics boys in their latest podcast, “What’s more dangerous, Marijuana or Alcohol?” (, released 17th April 2014.

So firstly, It’s awesome to see the Freakanomics boys are listening to Moshpod for inspiration and ideas! (Hi Steve).  It’s a great question as it strips away the convoluted legal and social history that’s attached to both alcohol and marijuana (man I’d be screwed without spell check I can never spell marijuana, it would…

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Was Abraham a Psychopath?

Great stuff


Voices from God telling you to kill children?

Hi Moshpodders, this is our first blog post not linked to one of our Moshpod Podcast episodes.  Every blog post we do will be linked to a podcast we haven’t used, so it’s kinda like an extra listening list and a way we can have a rave about some ideas outside the show. Hopefully it will also help more people find our Podcast.

Compare the Abraham and Isaac saga in the Christian bible  with the Luke Batty murder, a recent crime that has shocked Australia to the core. I’ll include a link to one of many news articles that cover the gruesome details if you are not familiar with the story, this was just the first article that popped up for me.

It’s one of the most repugnant things any of us can think of, for a father to turn on his own…

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What’s the story… Dealing with a’holes again ?


I’m very interested in hearing your comments related to dealing with arse clowns that interrupt your quality of life…

I’m talking about suffering unethical, narcissistic, egotistical, sociopathic, fraudulent a’holes. I’m talking bullshit business relations, greedy toadies, sly partners, shifty acquaintances, office sycophants, overzealous corrupt police, dodgy governments, inept taxation departments, street gangsters, thugs, make-up girls, baby talkers, cousins… or other peoples family, or simply your average Joe blows… Basically people who enjoy taking you and or others down that shitty road called fuck you simply because they are too weak to exude basic principles of honor.

The wall is open.. Please go nuts.


MoshPod ‘Dodgy Practices Part 1′ ep4


Go check an awesome new group called MoshPod !
They find, mash and deliberate on some of the best Pods found floating about today, covering a full array of varying ideas.

They just uploaded another great episode called ‘Dodgy Practices Part 1’ covering the encyclopaedia of ethical fails, drug wars, Russell Brand on revolution, anal probes and eating anus….Pigs anus.

Visit their Site
Go straight to episode 4 ‘Dodgy Practices Part 1’