Was Abraham a Psychopath?

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Voices from God telling you to kill children?

Hi Moshpodders, this is our first blog post not linked to one of our Moshpod Podcast episodes.  Every blog post we do will be linked to a podcast we haven’t used, so it’s kinda like an extra listening list and a way we can have a rave about some ideas outside the show. Hopefully it will also help more people find our Podcast.

Compare the Abraham and Isaac saga in the Christian bible  with the Luke Batty murder, a recent crime that has shocked Australia to the core. I’ll include a link to one of many news articles that cover the gruesome details if you are not familiar with the story, this was just the first article that popped up for me.


It’s one of the most repugnant things any of us can think of, for a father to turn on his own…

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