What’s more dangerous, Marijuana or Alcohol?

Nice article.. Not so ignant.


Hi Moshpodders, We’re trying and do more blog posts on great pods for more suggested listening between our shows. Just a link where you can download or listen, some brief thoughts and a place to share discussion.

If Marijuana and Alcohol were both just discovered tomorrow, which ones would be legal?

This was the question we posed in our podcast, “Dodgy Practices P1” (http://moshpod.wordpress.com/2014/04/09/dodgy-practices-part-1-2/), released 9th April 2014.

This is taken up in earnest by the Freakanomics boys in their latest podcast, “What’s more dangerous, Marijuana or Alcohol?” (http://www.wnyc.org/story/whats-more-dangerous-marijuana-or-alcohol/), released 17th April 2014.

So firstly, It’s awesome to see the Freakanomics boys are listening to Moshpod for inspiration and ideas! (Hi Steve).  It’s a great question as it strips away the convoluted legal and social history that’s attached to both alcohol and marijuana (man I’d be screwed without spell check I can never spell marijuana, it would…

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