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ANZAC – War Mongery and White Nationalism


Banner Pic above: Faces of ANZAC by Fat Ass Tony

WW1, 99 years ago, Dardanelles Campaign, Australians subserviently trudge to the other side of the world to invade a foreign land and wage war against a Country that had done no harm to us. And we got our asses literally handed to us.

Australia sent a generation of boys to endure hell on earth, and to inflict hell on earth on people defending their land, in support of British Nationalism.

Sucking chest wound Sucking chest wounds suck

Now, as usual, I like to pose a polarising view and take the road less travelled. The pod we are suggesting for some belated ANZAC listening is far less extreme and covers both sides, it’s got all the usual twee rubbish about how ANZAC forged an Australian Identity as we threw off the stigmatic shackles of our convict past and blazed a trail of mateship, endurance and irreverence across the globe. Pfft.

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Hey guys, I just did a quicky audio narration job for a company called
WIR U. Seems it’s up and running.

Add another narration job to the belt. Though this was a ‘help a mate out‘ scenario… I gave it a decent shot.

Also due to the circumstances it ended up being a pretty rushed kind of  ‘a drop everything’.. on the spot kinda sitch… The first run was recorded on someone’s phone… So yeh I ended up bringing in  my own recording equipment. But yeh I always find listening to myself hugely embarrassing, so no matter the tech, I’ll always feel like I sound like a damned blocked nosed druggo.

And lastly I also had a hand in rewriting the script, tweak some grammar errors and whatnot, but yeh for the most part I left their end sequence script in as is.

The video was edited by a good mate of mine Jack John
Video extraordinaire.

Anyways enjoy.

Hearthstone Battle

My First GamePlay Video

Welcome to BAT Hearthstone Battle series Episode 1. This is the first video in this BAT Battle series. Featuring Big Ass Tony and some non talented strategists I’ve had the misfortune of battling against.. I’ll no doubt be filling you up with some non relevant information that is likely to be miss informed and just downright wrong. Either way, I’ll be letting you in on some awesome side swiping techniques that will make you a potential winner.. Just like me. Sign up, let me know if you people want to learn how BAT does it. If this gains a modicum of interest, I’ll employ my skills to make a better vid.

Music courtesy of: Sandro Locco – Godfather (Original mix) Electro house.

Dodgy Practices Part 3


Dodgy Practices Part 3Welcome to the Sixth episode of MoshPod

In this Episode: Dodgy policing where one cop finds himself thrown into a mental asylum by his own colleagues. Get some insight into the massive scope and general evil nature of organised fraud, and finally, Racism, specifically institutional racism…  re Seth Efrikana Apartheid scum.

Hosted by the lo down dirty Big Ass Tony.

Pods from This American Life, Interviews with Richard Fidler, Stuff you should know.

Enjoy the show and let us know what you think, we encourage discussion and dissension, so let us have it on the website or facebook! Thanks again Moshpodders, we hope you enjoy.

Download mp3: MoshPod ep6 ‘Dodgy Practices p3’

Pods used for E6 Dodgy Practices P3

This American Life No.414, The Right To Remain Silent.

A.B.C. Radio, Conversations with Richard Fidler, Fraud, July 2012.

Stuff You Should Know, How Apartheid worked.

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Is visiting a prostitute a straight up Gender Crime?

MoshPod has popped out another one.. Give it a whirl.


In our now infamous second podcast “Repugnant Ideas”, Bang spewed out the question “can anyone, like, umm, even give me ANY reason why prostitution should be like, illegal in any sense?!?” Articulate as always, but a good question.

“Baby ur so fine I’m calling u onion, ’cause chopping u up is gunna make me cry”

Governor and Fat Ass Tony half heartedly trotted out the usual stale religiously based moral position but we all agreed that where freedom of choice exists it should be legal, it’s safer for the sex worker, the client; the john as they say, and most importantly for the government –  it’s taxable.

We did explore, but I don’t think this part made it through the editing process, that in a moral vacuum, prostitution, like selling your organs,  should be legal but the real world isn’t that (although there is a vacuum where Governor’s morals belong). Generally speaking turning…

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