Is visiting a prostitute a straight up Gender Crime?

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In our now infamous second podcast “Repugnant Ideas”, Bang spewed out the question “can anyone, like, umm, even give me ANY reason why prostitution should be like, illegal in any sense?!?” Articulate as always, but a good question.

“Baby ur so fine I’m calling u onion, ’cause chopping u up is gunna make me cry”

Governor and Fat Ass Tony half heartedly trotted out the usual stale religiously based moral position but we all agreed that where freedom of choice exists it should be legal, it’s safer for the sex worker, the client; the john as they say, and most importantly for the government –  it’s taxable.

We did explore, but I don’t think this part made it through the editing process, that in a moral vacuum, prostitution, like selling your organs,  should be legal but the real world isn’t that (although there is a vacuum where Governor’s morals belong). Generally speaking turning…

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