ANZAC – War Mongery and White Nationalism


Banner Pic above: Faces of ANZAC by Fat Ass Tony

WW1, 99 years ago, Dardanelles Campaign, Australians subserviently trudge to the other side of the world to invade a foreign land and wage war against a Country that had done no harm to us. And we got our asses literally handed to us.

Australia sent a generation of boys to endure hell on earth, and to inflict hell on earth on people defending their land, in support of British Nationalism.

Sucking chest wound Sucking chest wounds suck

Now, as usual, I like to pose a polarising view and take the road less travelled. The pod we are suggesting for some belated ANZAC listening is far less extreme and covers both sides, it’s got all the usual twee rubbish about how ANZAC forged an Australian Identity as we threw off the stigmatic shackles of our convict past and blazed a trail of mateship, endurance and irreverence across the globe. Pfft.

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