Hey guys, I just did a quicky audio narration job for a company called
WIR U. Seems it’s up and running.

Add another narration job to the belt. Though this was a ‘help a mate out‘ scenario… I gave it a decent shot.

Also due to the circumstances it ended up being a pretty rushed kind of  ‘a drop everything’.. on the spot kinda sitch… The first run was recorded on someone’s phone… So yeh I ended up bringing in  my own recording equipment. But yeh I always find listening to myself hugely embarrassing, so no matter the tech, I’ll always feel like I sound like a damned blocked nosed druggo.

And lastly I also had a hand in rewriting the script, tweak some grammar errors and whatnot, but yeh for the most part I left their end sequence script in as is.

The video was edited by a good mate of mine Jack John
Video extraordinaire.

Anyways enjoy.


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