Dem MoshPod Niggas

Yeh well, It’s an offensive word period, just like calling someone an el pinko commie old cunt douche bag retard faggot peter puffer.. or whatever have ya. Whatever context… it’s just plain offensive, more so for those who are subjugated by the term/s. But yeh like all things it’s perception, and if your one who doesn’t give a damn, you’ll fling it willy nilly..

Great Pod though. Look forward to the next one you nikka.


“‘Aint no time to cock it, aint no way you can stop it, when dem MoshPod Niggas come at ‘cha with the Bang out.

You do what ‘cha gotta do we don’t care if we get caught, is the D.A. gunna get some business? Mothafucka take us to court, BYATCH WE KILL YOU”

Hi Moshpodders,

Been a while since our last post or pod, sorry for the delay, we have all been super busy with life stuff but we are back!

Today I wanted to have a quick rave about the word “Nigger” and the suggested listening is a BBC Podcast on the History and evolution of the word “Nigger”, nigger.

BBC Radio 4 Doco. of the Week: A History of the “N” Word

hmm looks like it’s no longer available, if anyone wants to listen to it and can’t find it just post here and we will upload it…

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