Ellectro Dreamtime

This be me latest production…

Ellectro Dreamtime

Basically I was exploring various methods re: creating my own digi sounds,  also screwed around with a new drum sequencer to spice things up a little.

Essentially this was more of a mixing / mastering project so as to fine tune my frequency seperation skills. Yeh getting there.

Was going to throw in some cheesy rap, but it sounded crap, especially using my dodgy headset mic, couldn’t be arsed filtering out the noise and whatnot…

Maybe later.. 

Anyways enjoy!


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Mjayzland is a collection of my stuffs, be it music... art... design... professional publications and the occasional rant. Generally creative ideas and whatnot. Feel free to peruse and abuse and or congratulate. Cheers Mjayz

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