DÚNÉ ‘All that I have’ Cover

Had to throw down a quick old school distortion rhythm mess of a jam before din din…

DÚNÉ ‘All that I have’
A cover I made a whiles back…

As usual, I never really went too deep into it, just wanted to pump our something quick and cheese.

Enjoy !


Marvin Reverses

Just wanted to see how I could butcher an acapella I heard of Marvi Gaye singing the other day…

‘Heard it on the Grape Vine’
Threw in some quick random beats and some extra cheese backing music…
Pretty rough mastering…
But I aint’s got the time.

Enjoy !

Fyi this be the file I used…
Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine (A capella)

50 to 2000

50 to 2000

Just posted a new tune.. well a few weeks ago. People be swingng’n throwing down some side steppin manoeuvres.
Give it a whirl yo.

Basically I threw down some riffs using T4 Riffworks… and my trusty Line 6 GX USB thingo… I then exported it all into Fruity Loops to fine tune the frequencies so as to allow for that clean mix, giving it that chumpy crispness we all know and loves. I then ventured to play around with some mad automations so as to give it that somewhat contemporary trancy feel… side chain build-ups, stutter and all manner of random stuff.

Go on, get to ground stompin your feet to the beat ?

Music courtesy of: Me…
Footage… hmmm I forget, but Youtube busted my nuts for using it.