Heya! Have you ever heard about an amazing Buddhist temple called Borobudur, it’s the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere, found standing in Central Java? It’s said that the temple was built from 2 million cut stones all carefully placed without the use of any adhesive or mortar!

COLORtorial is a series of 8 educational games that immerse the player amidst Indonesia’s Culture while testing your ability to arrange Colors!
Trek across the islands of Indonesia and discover many amazing things relating to our ancient nation. Such as our local costumes, architecture, food, animals and all kinds of other things relating to the provincial heritage of Indonesia as you play 8 fun challenging ‘color’ games.

Collect all 8 islands from GooglePlay and Itunes!

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COLORtorial by Mataram Paint

Hearthstone Battle

My First GamePlay Video

Welcome to BAT Hearthstone Battle series Episode 1. This is the first video in this BAT Battle series. Featuring Big Ass Tony and some non talented strategists I’ve had the misfortune of battling against.. I’ll no doubt be filling you up with some non relevant information that is likely to be miss informed and just downright wrong. Either way, I’ll be letting you in on some awesome side swiping techniques that will make you a potential winner.. Just like me. Sign up, let me know if you people want to learn how BAT does it. If this gains a modicum of interest, I’ll employ my skills to make a better vid.

Music courtesy of: Sandro Locco – Godfather (Original mix) Electro house.