Heya! Have you ever heard about an amazing Buddhist temple called Borobudur, it’s the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere, found standing in Central Java? It’s said that the temple was built from 2 million cut stones all carefully placed without the use of any adhesive or mortar!

COLORtorial is a series of 8 educational games that immerse the player amidst Indonesia’s Culture while testing your ability to arrange Colors!
Trek across the islands of Indonesia and discover many amazing things relating to our ancient nation. Such as our local costumes, architecture, food, animals and all kinds of other things relating to the provincial heritage of Indonesia as you play 8 fun challenging ‘color’ games.

Collect all 8 islands from GooglePlay and Itunes!

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COLORtorial by Mataram Paint



Hey guys, I just did a quicky audio narration job for a company called
WIR U. Seems it’s up and running.

Add another narration job to the belt. Though this was a ‘help a mate out‘ scenario… I gave it a decent shot.

Also due to the circumstances it ended up being a pretty rushed kind of  ‘a drop everything’.. on the spot kinda sitch… The first run was recorded on someone’s phone… So yeh I ended up bringing in  my own recording equipment. But yeh I always find listening to myself hugely embarrassing, so no matter the tech, I’ll always feel like I sound like a damned blocked nosed druggo.

And lastly I also had a hand in rewriting the script, tweak some grammar errors and whatnot, but yeh for the most part I left their end sequence script in as is.

The video was edited by a good mate of mine Jack John
Video extraordinaire.

Anyways enjoy.

DMID – Corporate video music production

The guys at DMID – Known previously as Daniel Michael… Dmbrands… DM-Idholland….. Yada Yada…. asked me to ‘help’ develop some music for their corporate video –  Published way back in July 2013. Seems they have changed their youtube channel to DM ID.

Bad news is, someone edited the beginning of the intro build up… and didn’t mix it in very well, meaning they screwed it up bad.
Seems also as expected. they didn’t place credit for work done… as stipulated…. Least they could do considering it was done for free.

Anyway give it a whirl.

ROT – Flash Zombie Game


Game Music Production

As part of the ever joyful process of making games and cool music…I just recently composed the music and prepared the sounds for a sweet little Flash based Zombie game as part of a collab production… The game itself was developed by our talented friends at ‘Angril’ (A Games company based in Jakarta Indonesia)… The game was just released last week. Give it a whirl !

Play ROT at

Play ROT at

Play ROT at


Djarum BLACK Innovation Awards

Djarum BLACK Innovation Awards 

Djarum BLACK Innovation Awards 2011 

I was lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with South East Asia’s foremost Augmented Reality Company – AR&CO. (A member of WIR global)

Essentially my dudes at Kungpow Games Studio were given the challenge to develop AR&COs ideas into a fully interactive Flash gaming experience incorporating AR Facial recognition and Kinetic motion tracking. Additionally we Integrated social media linkage using Twitter and Facebook for online tracking purposes. The actual live program was held at the Djarum BLACK Innovation awards event – 24.09.2011 in Jakarta Indonesia.

Check out the vid for a quick preview of what we made.

Event Video source supplied by the AR&CO team
Final Video Edit and Music composition by me