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Heya! Have you ever heard about an amazing Buddhist temple called Borobudur, it’s the largest Buddhist temple in the southern hemisphere, found standing in Central Java? It’s said that the temple was built from 2 million cut stones all carefully placed without the use of any adhesive or mortar!

COLORtorial is a series of 8 educational games that immerse the player amidst Indonesia’s Culture while testing your ability to arrange Colors!
Trek across the islands of Indonesia and discover many amazing things relating to our ancient nation. Such as our local costumes, architecture, food, animals and all kinds of other things relating to the provincial heritage of Indonesia as you play 8 fun challenging ‘color’ games.

Collect all 8 islands from GooglePlay and Itunes!

Don’t forget to connect, you don’t want to miss out on the cool prizes!!!
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COLORtorial by Mataram Paint



Just something i’m supposedly working on, kind of an on and off sort of thing.. Yeh.. bit of a mastering mess, one of these days I’ll try to make it into somethin decent. I also plan to add some more dialogue to make it all come together. Anyways this is for me WOW Raiders…

As for how… I used FL Studio.. pounded out a few wacky riffs… and threw in some actual dialogue from one of me mates / and some asian text to speech stuff for the lyrical genius bits.

Enjoy !

Bb King Riffage

Well meant to post this a while back to celebrate BB King… in memory of the King. Basically threw down some backing riffs in the key of BB and tried a few of his solo licks. 

Enjoy !

DÚNÉ ‘All that I have’ Cover

Had to throw down a quick old school distortion rhythm mess of a jam before din din…

DÚNÉ ‘All that I have’
A cover I made a whiles back…

As usual, I never really went too deep into it, just wanted to pump our something quick and cheese.

Enjoy !

Marvin Reverses

Just wanted to see how I could butcher an acapella I heard of Marvi Gaye singing the other day…

‘Heard it on the Grape Vine’
Threw in some quick random beats and some extra cheese backing music…
Pretty rough mastering…
But I aint’s got the time.

Enjoy !

Fyi this be the file I used…
Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine (A capella)

50 to 2000

50 to 2000

Just posted a new tune.. well a few weeks ago. People be swingng’n throwing down some side steppin manoeuvres.
Give it a whirl yo.

Basically I threw down some riffs using T4 Riffworks… and my trusty Line 6 GX USB thingo… I then exported it all into Fruity Loops to fine tune the frequencies so as to allow for that clean mix, giving it that chumpy crispness we all know and loves. I then ventured to play around with some mad automations so as to give it that somewhat contemporary trancy feel… side chain build-ups, stutter and all manner of random stuff.

Go on, get to ground stompin your feet to the beat ?

Music courtesy of: Me…
Footage… hmmm I forget, but Youtube busted my nuts for using it.

OBS Photoshop Speed Drawing

Just a quick test using OBS ‘Open Broadcaster Software’ with Photoshop… Fyi OBS is Free !!..

Might get around to finishing it…
The actual duration was 20 minutes. Anyway seeing how easy it was to set up OBS, I look forward to screwing around with some more stuffs.

Music by m-jayz…


Anyways enjoy.

The Ale of Woe


This is a retweaked version of a song I wrote for a fun music competition held by Sonoma Wireworks in 2014… Riffrumble24 ‘Beer’. I just fixed up some timing issues, anyways enjoy !


Sing along while ya downing them ol beers. Lyrics below for those inclined:

We was sittin in the back room downing ales with me friends When we noticed this old sheilla, with a big arse like a gem I downed a few more liquids till me courage began to brink And slurried across the bar room like horny ruddy gimp Hey!

(chorus) One, Two, Three, Four, down them beers and get some more.. One, Two, Three, Four It’s your shout, drink you bore

She might not have been a model or a singer or the queen but her frock was all but open and her bits all seemed to gleam I bought a few more rounders and she smiled and touched my knee It was then I thought I’d found the perfect woman of me dreams

(chorus) One, Two, Three, Four, down them beers and get some more.. One, Two, Three, Four It’s your shout, drink you bore

So it started with one liners and I noticed she was pleased so I leaned in slightly closer and I whispered we should leave but then me mate came up and chided that his pint was clean which was short for saying matey damn your eyes they be deceived Hey!

(chorus) One, Two, Three, Four, down them beers and get some more.. One, Two, Three, Four It’s your shout, drink you bore

I looked a little closer and I saw her hands were clump protruding from her voice box was a manly looking lump I kindly said goodnighty and I went back to me mates I bought some wings and larger and we drank until it ached

(chorus) One, Two, Three, Four, down them beers and get some more.. One, Two, Three, Four It’s your shout, your buds want more Hey!

Now it was a sad sad story when I woke up from me bed At first I thought no praises since id really done me head I looked and turned and noticed something no one could adore a big fat hairy auntie as the likes not seen before Hey!

Now 5 years yonder one would ponder how we got like this we’re hidden in the outback like a bunch of inbred pigs I blame it on them largers, which I’m drowning from me keg my wife she outta told me she’s my old mans sister Fred

(chorus) One, Two, Three, Four, down them beers and get some more.. One, Two, Three, Four It’s your shout, your luck is poor




Ellectro Dreamtime

This be me latest production…

Ellectro Dreamtime

Basically I was exploring various methods re: creating my own digi sounds,  also screwed around with a new drum sequencer to spice things up a little.

Essentially this was more of a mixing / mastering project so as to fine tune my frequency seperation skills. Yeh getting there.

Was going to throw in some cheesy rap, but it sounded crap, especially using my dodgy headset mic, couldn’t be arsed filtering out the noise and whatnot…

Maybe later.. 

Anyways enjoy!

You And I ~ Medina

This be me latest remake of an oldie but a goodie…

You And I ~ by Medina

Yeh.. Could of done some extra stuffs… 

But yeh coulda shoulda… 

All recreated and whatnot using Fruity Loops… 

I also used an acapella I found floating out there yonder…

Enjoy !