Missing Seqeuls

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Missing Seqeuls.

Wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to ‘Unbreakable’… Felt like a great premise to a larger story. As to how to extend it, differentiated from other ‘super’ hero type films, that would be a challenge admittedly. But due to the fair originality of the original piece, pretty sure they could come up with something awesome. I reckon perhaps adding further characters into the plot, with similar dilemmas and discoveries, but yeh, even that’s been overdone.. What you think.


What’s the story… Dealing with a’holes again ?


I’m very interested in hearing your comments related to dealing with arse clowns that interrupt your quality of life…

I’m talking about suffering unethical, narcissistic, egotistical, sociopathic, fraudulent a’holes. I’m talking bullshit business relations, greedy toadies, sly partners, shifty acquaintances, office sycophants, overzealous corrupt police, dodgy governments, inept taxation departments, street gangsters, thugs, make-up girls, baby talkers, cousins… or other peoples family, or simply your average Joe blows… Basically people who enjoy taking you and or others down that shitty road called fuck you simply because they are too weak to exude basic principles of honor.

The wall is open.. Please go nuts.